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It's the Way It Is: The Effects of Microaggressions on Women in Leadership Abstract: Although society has become more aware of gender biases and sexism, non deliberate, discriminatory behaviors continue to be reported by women, along with their feelings of being devalued and ineffective. These discriminatory behaviors, known as microaggressions, have negative effects and consequences for the women involved. As women take on greater leadership roles, knowing the effects these behaviors can have on women in a variety of leadership settings can help to increase awareness of these behaviors and to lessen their harmful consequences. Using a phenomenological approach, the study used semi-structured interviews as a data collection method to capture the lived experience of four female leaders and their experience with microaggressions. The results showed a variety of themes and negative consequences. Future implications of the study, such as the development of psychoeducational programs for men and women, are explored, as well as suggestions for further research studies.

  • Date: 10/15/2021 09:00 AM
  • Location Online Event