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Laura T. Rivela, L.C.S.W.-R, B.C.D., BCTP-II


Laura Rivela has been in the social work profession for over 25 years with emphasis in behavioral health, technology in behavioral health care, and social work research and education.

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 Laura presentations are dynamic and full of valuable information. Her style is engaging and interactive. Staff always rate her trainings among the highest we do. We have brought her back time and again. I can't recommend her strongly enough! 

Jennifer C., Vice-President

 Laura was a well-respected member of the staff, having excellent clinical and administrative skills! 

Denis D.
Catholic Charities

 Public speaking is her calling! The presentation was a huge success. People are still talking about it! 

Yvonne L.
Not for profit manager

 Laura is an outstanding presenter and instructor. 


 Would love to attend any future presentations by Laura! 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • 619 Roanoke Avenue, Riverhead, New York, United States
  • Second Floor


We offer a complete list of services in our safe, secure HIPAA complaint telemental health software.

Q. What should I do if I didn’t get the
reminder with the link?
Contact me if you did not get the link so I can
send it to you via email or secure messaging.

Q. What is SimplePractice?
SimplePractice, LLC is my practice management
software for scheduling, case management, and
telehealth, and therapy notes. SimplePractice,
LLC, uses a HIPAA compliant software so your
information will be securely kept.

Q. What can I do to do improve the quality
of the connection?
If you live in an area with slow internet, this can
really affect the speed of your connection.
Here are some basic steps that can improve the
overall quality:
• Use wired Ethernet instead of wifi whenever
possible. Wifi will work, but you may experience
a lag and interference, which can make your
video and audio choppy. Wired internet will
give you a much smoother, more consistent
• Test your internet connection speed. Google
provides an easy way to test your internet
connection directly from the google homepage.
Simply search: internet speed test. Click the blue
button that says Run Speed Test. If it
is under 10mbps and you’re using wifi, try
using a wired internet connection or restarting
your router.
• Close other programs. If you have several
programs running in the background, closing
them will almost certainly improve the quality.
Also, make sure you’re not downloading an large
If you are unable to connect, please contact
me as soon as possible to see if I can help you

Q. Where’s the best place to do a video call?
When deciding the best place in your home, you
will want to choose a space that is private and
away from household members, coworkers, pets
or any other potential distractions. Here are some
additional recommendations:
• Adjust your light. Some small lighting tweaks
that can have a huge impact including placing a
lamp or other light source behind your monitor,
pointed toward you. Also, make sure you don’t
have too much light behind you. If you’re on a
laptop, make sure the camera is at eye level and
not pointing up at the ceiling lights, or down at
the floor.
• Choose a quiet, private location. Identify a
suitable room that is quiet, private, and free
of distractions. To keep background noise to a
minimum, close any doors and shut any windows.

Q. Is Telehealth private?
Just like a face-to-face appointment, your
Telehealth visit will be private and confidential.

Telemental health image
  •  1/1/2021 07:00 PM - 1/1/2024 12:59 PM
  • Location: To Be Announced

The groups are not available at this time. Please check back at a later date for any updates.

  •  1/1/2021 09:00 AM - 12/31/2023 12:00 AM
  • Online Event


  •  1/8/2020 07:00 PM - 1/23/2023 12:00 AM
  •   619 Roanoke Avenue, Riverhead, NY, USA

Please call the office for information about upcoming groups: (631) 997-3632

  •  11/7/2022 11:00 AM
  • Online Event

I am delighted to be presenting a Motivational Interviewing workshop for the New York Mental Health Counselors Association on November 7, 2022! Go to the NYMHCA Facebook page for details. Or visit https://nymhca.org/

  •  10/25/2022 09:59 AM - 10/25/2024 03:03 PM
  • Online Event

Click here for workshops: https://ubswce.ce21.com/item/understanding-identifying-countertransference-families-113634 and https://ubswce.ce21.com/item/countertransference-skills-clinical-supervisor-spotlight-family-therapy-113645

  •  10/25/2022 09:59 AM - 10/25/2024 03:03 PM
  • Online Event

Click here for workshops: https://ubswce.ce21.com/item/understanding-identifying-countertransference-families-113634 and https://ubswce.ce21.com/item/countertransference-skills-clinical-supervisor-spotlight-family-therapy-113645

  •  10/25/2022 09:00 AM
  •   https://ubswce.ce21.com/item/understanding-identifying-countertransference-families-113634

I am delighted to be presenting Countertransference Skills Workshop at the University of Buffalo School of Social Work Continuing Education for the N.Y.S. O.M.H. Children, Youth, and Families Mental Health Evidence-Based Practice Project. Click the link below for details and registration: https://socialwork.buffalo.edu/continuing-education/training-registration/EBP-mental-health.html

  •  8/16/2022 10:00 AM
  • Online Event

Many thanks to the staff and participants at the New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center! To learn about their programs, visit: https://nypcc.org/.

  •  3/25/2022 09:00 AM
  • Online Event

This three-hour workshop will be held virtually for the Association for Mental Health and Wellness. Please click the link below for more information and details: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ej00eexl80de72a9&llr=m6oi4gwab

  •  10/15/2021 09:00 AM
  • Online Event

It's the Way It Is: The Effects of Microaggressions on Women in Leadership Abstract: Although society has become more aware of gender biases and sexism, non deliberate, discriminatory behaviors continue to be reported by women, along with their feelings of being devalued and ineffective. These discriminatory behaviors, known as microaggressions, have negative effects and consequences for the women involved. As women take on greater leadership roles, knowing the effects these behaviors can have on women in a variety of leadership settings can help to increase awareness of these behaviors and to lessen their harmful consequences. Using a phenomenological approach, the study used semi-structured interviews as a data collection method to capture the lived experience of four female leaders and their experience with microaggressions. The results showed a variety of themes and negative consequences. Future implications of the study, such as the development of psychoeducational programs for men and women, are explored, as well as suggestions for further research studies.

  •  8/13/2021 09:00 AM
  • Online Event